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We’d like to thanks a bunch to HPThemes member. Therefore, we provide 1 GB Managed WordPress Hosting FOR FREE. We hope this little gift could make you more convenient to test and use the plugins and themes. You can use it either for Development Site & Production Site.

Who will be eligible for this giveaway?

Every member – OLD and NEW – are welcome to use this benefit. Just fill the form below and we’ll bring your site on.

Do you handle all the domain and hosting?

No, we only provide the hosting. You need to purchase the domain yourself and send us via the form below.

Is this hosting GOOD enough to put my website?

We use a fine-tuned hosting for you, not a SHARED or RESELLER hosting package.

How long will I have this free hosting?

As long as you become a member, which starts from only $5.

Please fill the form below to allow us setup your Managed WordPress website:

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