How to Make Gravity Forms Fully Works

Gravity Forms Fully Works

Sometimes Gravity Forms will not work as expected. Especially when we lose its license key. We can’t even create a single new form when it happens. In addition, Gravity Forms options/settings can’t be accessed as well.

There are some steps we can do to solve this issue.

We need to edit 2 files below:

  • gravityforms/includes/wizard/steps/class-gf-installation-wizard-step-license-key.php
  • gravityforms/common.php

1. In the first file, find these 2 lines of code as shown below (line 58):

$this->is_valid_key = true;
$license_key = $this->license_key;

AFTER that code, add this:

$valid = $this->is_valid_key || ( ! $this->is_valid_key && $this->accept_terms );
return $valid;

Now it will look like:

2. In the second file, locate the codes as shown below (line 2484):

// Caching response.
set_transient( 'gform_update_info', $version_info, 86400 ); //caching for 24 hours

BEFORE that code, add this:

$version_info = json_decode( $raw_response['body'], true );
$version_info['is_valid_key'] = '1';

Now it will work fully with any license key we use. This method was tested on Gravity Forms v2.2.5.11. However it should be quite the same for the other versions.

What do you think?

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