Forminator Pro 1.14.6

Easy-to-use WordPress Form Builder

Forminator Pro

Download Forminator Pro 1.14.6 Free. This is not a nulled nor cracked version. It's a GPL Licensed of Forminator Pro 1.14.6, provided for EDUCATIONAL and TESTING purpose only.

Demo Forminator Pro 1.14.6

Forminator Pro captures user information (as detailed as you like), engages users with interactive polls that show real-time results and graphs, “no wrong answer” Facebook-style quizzes and knowledge tests. Forminator makes it easy to build the perfect custom form for WordPress every time!

Geek out on simple drag-and-drop form building with Forminator!

Did you know “interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content”? (Kapost)

You don’t just want people to read your content, you want to collect email addresses, build a following, go viral and make sales. Give users an interactive experience with quizzes, polls, knowledge tests, and forms. Collect information, connect with your audience and make sales with Forminator.

Finally! A WordPress form builder anyone can use that won’t break the bank! Dead simple forms minus all the technical jargon.

Forminator: The WordPress Form Builder that Defies Gravity

Forminator is everything form building for WordPress should be. The simple drag-and-drop interface is brilliant for every form you need from a simple contact form to detailed registration forms.

Build Engaging Polls

Whether you have a news site, gaming blog or restaurant, polls are an incredible way to connect with users. Get real-time feedback with live stats presented in beautiful pie chart and graphs.

Build Your Own Buzzfeed-Style Quizzes

We’ve all been caught taking “IQ tests” and “figure out which Star Wars character you are” quizzes on Facebook. Why not run all that traffic to your site? Create both knowledge and no wrong answer quizzes with Forminator.

Stop Spam With Google reCAPTCHA Integration

‘I’m not a robot’ verifications can make it hard on your users. Google ReCAPTCHA is free, tough on bots and easy on humans. No more typing hard to read random phrases.

Responsive Forms Anywhere and Everywhere

Put your forms, polls and quizzes on posts, pages, widget areas…even add it to a pop-up or slide-in with Hustle. Forminator’s customization options make it easy to integrate your interactive content anywhere.

Collect and Track Data

You want your forms to look good, but let’s face it, what you really want is all the juicy leads and stats it’s going to give you. And Forminator tracks everything including hidden fields for gathering all kinds of information about your users.

Demo Forminator Pro 1.14.6

Forminator Pro 1.14.6 Features

Build forms, interactive polls and quizzes in WordPress for increasing user engagement and growing a following.

  • Responsive design for sleek forms on any screen size
  • Stop spam with Google ReCAPTCHA integration
  • Super simple drag-and-drop form builder
  • Exactly what you need every time – for short and simple to detailed and complex
  • Collect and track user information and grow your following
  • No wrong answer Facebook-style quizzes
  • Build engaging knowledge tests
  • Interactive polls with real-time results and graphs
  • Over 15 custom field types
  • Hidden fields for automatically collecting user information
  • Customized submission forms
  • Schedule form submission reports to be sent to your inbox

Download “Forminator Pro” – Downloaded 5 times –

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