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Yoast SEO Premium is the first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more. SEO Yoast covers greatly and completely focus on on page Search Engine Optimization factors, as it is build especially for improving your website ranking and SERPs.


WordPress SEO Premium by Yoast is well famous and well structured WP Plugin of all time. It has many features that help to improve your site for search engines. This plugin already used by millions of webmasters including newbies and pro bloggers. It gives great features to its all users such as you did not need become an Search Engine Optimizer or SEO Expert for taking your site on higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This premium wordpress plugin works greatly and smoothly on all kind of WP blogs and websites.

WordPress typically uses the perfect coding practices as well as outputs a clean standard compliant HTML to make it SEO friendly. However, many sites compete in gaining the top positions in search engines results for few keywords. This situation quite challenging for new sites to perform excellently in the search results. The Yoast SEO Premium comes in to help with its vast, impressive features.

Redirect Manager

Yoast SEO Premium is accompanied by a redirect manager to enable you to fix Crawl Error; the broken URLs that are caused by the adjusting permalinks, deleting pages, among others. The redirect manager allows you to import redirects from any Redirection Plugin and .htaccess. It also automatically set up a redirect link, especially when you change or adjust a permalink. The Yoast SEO Premium Redirect Manager is accompanied by multiple redirect choices such as 301 (default), 302, 307, 410, 451.

Multiple Focus Keyword

Yoast SEO Premium plugin allows you to set a running multiple focus keyword and there is a particular strategy for setting them. Once you Google both keywords, you are expected to get the same information. This is called Search Intent. Therefore, when you are writing an article to publish, the headline should contain the primary keyword in exact match. It should also include your secondary keyword in the partial match.

Social Preview

Yoast SEO Premium Social Preview Feature enables you to see your posts or pages and their appearance when we share the articles on any social media such as Twitter and Facebook. This default image usually looks pathetic when using the free version. But the Yoast SEO Premium enables you to upload a custom image that appears perfect when we share the content on any of this social networks.

Internal Linking

If you want to rank your site, you have to create content. Site ranking requires relevant, high-quality, and informative content for your keyword focus. However, even if you create excellent content, you can also face some other challenges such as how to structure your content? How to show Search Engines which posts are they related and also, which is the most important? The WordPress SEO Premium Internal Linking tool helps you with this. It will show which posts are related to your content. In addition, it is also easy to link to some of the related articles.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Premium provides a broad range of features that are crucial for proper site optimization and page ranking. As a complete package for SEO, Yoast SEO Premium performs all others WordPress SEO plugins available in the market.

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