YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce 1.0.10

YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce

Release Date: July 04, 2018 | YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce helps handle shipping fees easily for each single product in less than 3 minutes.

Selling products all over the world implies having to deal with different shipping fees for each state, region or city. Luckily, by using the native WooCommerce options, we can easily fix this issue, but it won’t be so easy in case the shipping fees need to be edited for each single product. WooCommerce doesn’t allow that.

What if you need to sell products that require different shipping fees?

Imagine selling a product that might require higher or lower shipping fees according to where in the world it needs shipping.

WooCommerce would not be able to help in any way, not without a substantial amount of editing in the code, which would be costly.

Many of you asked for it and, as we do, we listened and we created YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce, a WooCommerce plugin which easily completes shipping management and offers the chance to set different shipping rates for each single product, region, state or city, including product variations!

To further guarantee your transparency during the purchase process, we offer a simple summary in the Cart page too, so that your customers will have no doubts or fears concerning the shipping fees.


  • Create custom shipping rules and associate a different shipping cost to each rule.
  • Show shipping cost details for each product on your site Checkout page.
  • Increase the cart total of a fixed amount for each product in it. The product fee is automatically added to the shipping costs.
  • Choose categories and tags to associate to the shipping rules. The shipping cost will be applied only if the product belongs at least to one of the selected categories and/or tags.
  • Check quantity and total cost in the cart before applying the shipping fee associated to a specific rule.
  • Create shipping rules per country by specifying country, state and postal code.
  • Edit the priority order to apply rules by simply dragging and dropping them.
  • Enter shipping fees at product level whether they be simple or variable products.
  • Add a custom message on the product page a simple way to inform your users about your shipping policies.
  • Create general shipping rules or rules per single product (either simple or variable).
  • Associate a shipping cost with every rule.
  • Create shipping rules by category or product tag.
  • Choose the country to which each rule applies.
  • Apply the rule only if:
    • the cart total is between specified values.
    • the product quantity reflects the specified criteria.
  • Add a fixed cost to each product in the cart.
  • Show a custom message on the product page.
  • Drag and drop your shipping rules to set a processing priority among them.

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