WooCommerce Private Store 1.3.6

WooCommerce Private Store

Release Date: June 22, 2018 | WooCommerce Private Store plugin is the easy way to make WooCommerce private. Protect your entire WooCommerce store from public view. Login to your store with a password. Password protect & hide your entire WooCommerce shop from public view.


Hide your entire WooCommerce store from the public and require a password to unlock.Perfect for wholesale, trade sites, members-only stores & much more.

Option 1 – Password Protect WooCommerce

Hide your WooCommerce content behind one or more simple passwords. Customers can enter a password to access the store.

Option 2 – Show WooCommerce to Logged In Users

Automatically unlock WooCommerce when someone logs into their user account, while keeping it hidden from guests.

Need to Protect WooCommerce Categories?

The Private Store plugin hides your whole shop. If you want to hide specific parts of your store or create customer-specific products, check out our WooCommerce Password Protected Categories plugin instead.

Completely Hide WooCommerce

The plugin hides the main WooCommerce shop page, cart, checkout, products, categories, tags, etc. Supports multiple passwords.

WooCommerce Login Form

Protect your private WooCommerce shop via a customisable password entry page. Customers can enter a password to unlock the entire shop. No need for separate user accounts.

Unlock option for logged in users

As well as password protecting WooCommerce, you can automatically unlock the store for logged in users. Guests can see your main pages while WooCommerce remains hidden.

Hidden from Menus and Sidebars

WooCommerce Private Store password protects all your shop pages plus navigation menu links and sidebar widgets.

Hidden from Search Engines

Your WooCommerce hidden store is automatically hidden from search engines and sitemaps. No one will know you have a WooCommerce shop unless you want them to!

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