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Release Date: May 23, 2018 | UltimateWoo is an awesome WordPress plugin package that gives users easy access to dozens of WooCommerce extensions, ALL FROM 1 PLUGIN! Think of it as the JetPack for WooCommerce. Rather than installing a bunch of different extensions, you just install UltimateWoo and enable the extensions you want.


What can you do with UltimateWoo?

  • Generate more revenue by implementing advanced features to improve customer experience
  • Track and analyze important data to properly manage your business using powerful reporting modules
  • Accept more payments through numerous payment gateways such as Stripe, 2Checkout, and Quickbooks
  • Ship anything to anywhere with features such as package tracking, and carriers like UPS and FedEx

81+ modules included in UltimateWoo Pro:

Compare Products

Let your customers compare your products using an intuitive, side-by-side comparison table, allowing them to make smart purchasing decisions in a user-friendly way.

Twilio SMS Notifications

The Twilio SMS Notifications module lets WooCommerce users hook up their Twilio accounts to send and receive SMS text messages. Shop owners can receive a text when a new order is placed, and customers can receive texts when their order is updated.

Gravity Forms Product Add-ons

The Gravity Forms Product Add-ons allows WooCommerce users to harness the power of Gravity Forms to create advanced product configuration forms, and sell highly customized products. You can create any number of forms in the Gravity Forms plugin, then attach them to your WooCommerce products. The forms will appear on the product’s page, and the fields will show as product options. Prices are calculated according to the options selected. This module requires the Gravity Forms plugin (not included).

Order Status Manager

Create totally custom order statuses for your WooCommerce store, such as “Building”, “Awaiting Materials”, etc.

Store Catalog PDF Download

Allow customers to download PDF catalogs of your entire store, or even specific products. Great for offline viewing and quick reference.

PDF Product Vouchers

Create customizable PDF vouchers that can be redeemed for your products and services. Great for businesses with physical locations.

Drip Integration

Connect your WooCommerce-powered website to one of the most powerful email marketing services, Drip.

Sales Report Emails

Track your WooCommerce website’s stats with automated report emails sent on a recurring schedule.

Newsletter Subscription

Integrate your WooCommerce website with your MailChimp, Mailpoet, or Campaign Monitor accounts. Includes dashboard analytics and a widget for easy opt-ins.

Conditional Shipping and Payments

Configure advanced rules to control which payment gateways (i.e. PayPal, Stripe, etc.), shipping methods (USPS, FedEx, etc.) are available to customers during checkout. Also control which states and/or countries can be shipped to.

Email Customizer

Out of the box, the WooCommerce emails are quite dull. The Email Customizer module lets WooCommerce users bring their store’s emails to life by adding images, customizing the colors, font sizes and more.

Purchase Order

A minimal payment gateway module with minimal set up. Once activated, you can create purchase order numbers via your business’s purchase management system and send them to your customers. Your customers enter this number at checkout and the order is processed as normal. This is typically a business-to-business (B2B) type transaction.

Products of the Day

A simple but useful module for marketing your store’s items. Simply use the days of the week to promote your WooCommerce products. Select products for each day of the week and highlight them via a simple to use widget.

Google Product Feeds

Configure your WooCommerce product data to be synchronized with your Google Merchant Centre feed and displayed on Google Shopping results. This extra step can significantly increase your store’s exposure and traffic by displaying your products and pricing right in Google search results.


Packing some serious punch, the WooCommerce memberships module extends all types of membership products to your WooCommerce store. Create dynamic memberships, collect recurring payments on custom intervals and protect content all with WooCommerce.


This nifty module lets your customers create simple, intuitive payment plans when purchasing your products. Incredibly powerful, your customers can create payment plans with varying payment amounts and schedules.

Currency Converter

By way of a simple widget, store owners can let their international customers easily toggle currency units. For example, UK customers can toggle from USD to UK Pounds. Very useful for selling your products to people all over the world.

Bulk Variation Forms

Let your customers easily add multiple variations of the same product to their carts with a simple-to-use form. This module is perfect for businesses selling in bulk to distributors or any customer interested in purchasing multiple variations of the same product (i.e. multiple colors of the same tee shirt).

Aweber Newsletter Subscription

Let your customers register for your Aweber newsletter service via the WooCommerce checkout process or custom widget area.

Bulk Stock Management

The Bulk Stock Management module adds an interface to your WordPress/WooCommerce dashboard to manage your store’s inventory stock in bulk. Your products can be filtered by attributes such as product type and stock status. They can also be ordered by name, ID, SKU or stock quantity.

Chained Products

Create awesome combos by selling single products and gifting other products or services along with it at no extra cost. Chained Products is ideal if you want to gift customers product B & C when they purchase product A.

Composite Products

The WooCommerce Composite Products extension is designed for creating product kits and assemblies with dynamic, complex product content. It allows your customers to select from unlimited product alternatives and adjust quantities for every defined component.

Checkout Addons

The WooCommerce Checkout Addons module allows you to create customizable “add-ons” (products or services) to upsell during the checkout process.

Min Max Quantities

Define customized rules for controlling pricing and quantity for orders, products and variations.


Integrate your WooCommerce store with your Stamps.com account to pull rates and ship orders via the United States Postal Service.


The Photography module for WooCommerce is a tool designed to streamline the sales flow for professional photographers who want to sell their work via WooCommerce.

Facebook Tab

Increase your business by allowing your customers to purchase directly from your business’s Facebook page. This module adds a tab to your Facebook profile and customers can complete purchase all from within Facebook.

Splash Popup

Display any type of content (special offers, newsletter form, important notices, etc.) to your users and customers via a lightbox popup dialogue.

Cart Notices

Create custom offers and display dynamic messages to your customers with WooCommerce Cart Notices. Some examples include a discount for specific referrers, time-sensitive deals, upsells based on cart contents, and more.

Account Funds

Allow your customers to deposit funds into their accounts that can be used for immediate purchases and even provide special discounts to entice customers to deposit.

Authorize.net AIM

Accept credit card payments directly on your WooCommerce website via your Authorize.net account.

PayPal Digital Goods

PayPal Digital Goods for WooCommerce allows your customers to complete payment for a digital purchase via a PayPal modal window and, once they have completed one purchase, can purchase in the future without needing to log into PayPal.

PayPal Express

Skip checkout and go directly to PayPal. The PayPal Express module for WooCommerce adds a button to the customer’s cart page which permits them to proceed directly to PayPal or complete the normal WooCommerce checkout process.

Warranty & RMA Management

Manage a professional RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process, add warranty terms to products and allow customers to request and manage returns/exchanges directly from their WooCommerce user account.

Tab Manager

Gives WooCommerce users complete control over their product page tabs, allowing for easy creation of new tabs for products, sharing tabs between multiple products, reordering tabs in a simple drag-and-drop manner, and more.

Social Login

Let your customers register, log in and check out via their social media accounts. Rather than requiring a separate account creation, you can streamline your sales process and increase conversions by allowing customers to use accounts they already use.

Available with Lite version

Sequential Order Numbers

Set your WooCommerce orders to have sequential numbers (versus random) that you can customize with a starting number, order number length and custom prefix and postfix.

Product Image Watermark

Easily add watermarks to your WooCommerce product images (in nine different spots) for copyright protection and branding.

Available with Lite version

Product Enquiry Form

Adds an extra tab on your WooCommerce product details pages that displays a reCAPTCHA protected form that visitors can use to enquire about any specific product before purchasing.

Available with Lite version

Product Addons

Allows you to add new product options via input boxes, dropdowns or checkboxes. These options are used by your customers to customize the product(s) they are purchasing. Some use examples include gift messages, donations, laser engraving and any other product which might require a customer’s input.

MSRP Pricing

Show the awesome value your WooCommerce store provides your customers by recording and showing them the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price vs your price.

Available with Lite version

Product CSV Import

An awesome importer that lets WooCommerce users import thousands of WooCommerce products into another WooCommerce/WordPress website, including all product meta data.

Customer Order CSV Export

Export thousands of WooCommerce customers and orders directly from your WordPress dashboard. The exporter will export orders and customers with ease and let you access any important data needed for your accounting process.

Customer Order CSV Import

The Customer/Order/Coupon Import module lets you mass import thousands of customers and orders into your WooCommerce store quickly and easily. This user-friendly importer will import customers with a minimum of hassle. It can also import orders and link them to your shop’s customers and products.

Customer History

Study how your customers browse through your WooCommerce store, as well as analyze a full purchase history log and calculate your website’s total customer lifetime value.

Checkout Fields Editor

Creates a simple interface for adding, editing and removing customer input fields shown on the WooCommerce checkout page. Custom fields can be added and removed to and from the billing and shipping sections.

Amazon S3

Integrate your WooCommerce shop with Amazon S3 to safely and efficiently deliver digital files. Amazon S3 Storage is completely automated and allows users to easily link digital products by pasting a simple shortcode.

Available with Lite version

Ajax Layered Navigation

Provides a great user experience for your customers by allowing them to navigate your WooCommerce products without page reloads. It is very useful for WooCommerce stores that offer large selections of variable or customizable products.

Available with Lite version

Advanced Notifications

Set up order and stock notifications for other shop managers and users. Excellent for notifying staff, sending stock notices to suppliers or even sending new orders to drop shippers.

Available with Lite version

Name Your Price

Accept offers for your products by allowing customers to “name their price”. Great for accepting user-determined donations, gather pricing data and more.

Available with Lite version

Cart Reports

Analyze real-time data on shopping cart performance and conversions, including monitoring what your customers are doing on your website so that you can optimize your conversion process and increase sales.

Cost of Goods

Easily and quickly analyze important operational data (profits, costs of products, etc.) to make smart marketing and sales decisions and optimize your online store’s revenue.

USPS Shipping

Easily integrate USPS shipping with your WooCommerce store to pull current postal rates and offer various delivery options to your customers.

Available with Lite version

UPS Shipping

Easily integrate UPS shipping with your WooCommerce store to pull current UPS rates and offer various delivery options to your customers.

FedEx Shipping

Easily integrate FedEx shipping with your WooCommerce store to pull current FedEx rates and offer various delivery options to your customers.

Shipment Tracking

Add shipment tracking information to an order once it has been processed for shipping. The tracking information will appear in email notifications, the order tracking page, and the order view page in the customer’s account dashboard.

Table Rate Shipping

Add complex shipping data and rules, including create zones for targeted shipping destinations, multiple tables of rates per zone, and shipping calculation.

Constant Contact

Integrate your Constant Contact account with your WooCommerce store for easy email/newsletter opt0ins from your customers. Includes an email opt-in form on your checkout page and sidebar widget for easy signups across your entire website.


Accept credit card payments directly on your WooCommerce website via the Braintree payment gateway.


Accept credit card payments directly on your WooCommerce website via the 2Checkout payment gateway.


Accept credit card payments directly on your WooCommerce website via the Stripe payment gateway API.

Available with Lite version

PayPal Pro

Accept credit card payments directly on your WooCommerce website via the PayPal Pro payment gateway.

Intuit Quickbooks

Accept credit card payments directly on your WooCommerce website via your Intuit Quickbooks account.

Order Barcodes

WooCommerce Order Barcodes generates unique barcodes for every order placed on your WooCommerce website. The generated barcodes are great for use on e-tickets, e-reservations, packing slips, etc.

Catalog Visibility Options

Easily showcase your catalog of products without eCommerce functionality. This extension lets you remove the Add to Cart button, checkout process, etc. What’s really great is that you can switch the eCommerce functions on when you are ready to begin accepting orders.


The WooCommerce Brands extension creates a “Brands” custom taxonomy for your products to let you assign a particular brand to any item. On the front end, these brands can be listed, indexed and filtered/searched by your customers.

Available with Lite version

Product Bundles

Implement one of the most effective marketing strategies for your WooCommerce store…product bundling. Choose a few different popular products you sell individually, bundle them into a fun package, sell it at a discount and watch sales increase!

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce lets shop managers created advanced discount pricing based on complex rules. Example use-cases include role-based pricing and bulk discounts.


Allow guests and customers to create and add products to an unlimited number of Wishlists. From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, WooCommerce Wishlists are a great way to get your customers to remember and share your WooCommerce store.


Keep track of product demand and allow customers to be informed of products not currently available in your WooCommerce store (backorders and out of stock items). By joining a wait-list, your customers will receive notification when products they are interested in become available for purchase, which increases your likelihood of generating more sales.

Store Credit

Give your customers a defined limit in store credit that can be used for purchases until the limit is reached.

URL Coupons

The URL Coupons module allows you to add a unique URL to any coupon in your WooCommerce store. When this URL is clicked on by your customer(s), it automatically applies the discount and can also add products to the customer’s shopping cart.

Smart Coupons

Smart coupons provides the most comprehensive and powerful solution for generating and selling discount coupons, gift certificates, store credits and vouchers. It also allows customers to buy credits for themselves or gift to others.

Measurement Price Calculator

Add and configure a pricing calculator for your WooCommerce products that are sold in quantities based on their dimensions, square footage, volume, or weight…great for products like fabric, building material, etc.

One Page Checkout

Minimize the time it takes your customers to complete checkout on your website by adding a checkout form directly to any WordPress page. Your customers can add products to their cart and checkout from one view.

Points and Rewards

Boost your sales by rewarding your customers to shop and share your store. This extension lets WooCommerce user rewards their customers upon certain actions by giving them points that can be used to discount future purchases.

Follow Up Emails

Email Marketing is the #1 form of online marketing and lead generation! Automate your email marketing to increase the value of your existing customer base and generate new leads/customers.

PDF Invoices

The WooCommerce PDF Invoices extension automatically attaches a PDF copy of a purchase invoice to the completed order email. Customers can log in to their account and download previous invoices and admins can resend the PDF or download a copy.


Charge recurring payments for subscription-based products and premium membership content. Includes an optional sign-up fee and subscription duration and supports recurring shipping fees, discounts and taxes.


Easily sell appointments with the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. This extension is exactly what you need to sell services or rentals that are priced according to time (consulting or car rentals, for example).

Pre Orders

Easily offer pre-orders to your WooCommerce shop customers so they can order products before they are available. Maximize your revenue by letting customers jump on board as quickly as possible!

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