Toolset – WooCommerce Views 2.7.10

Toolset - WooCommerce Views

Release Date: Aug 3, 2019 | Toolset – WooCommerce Views helps you develop custom e-commerce sites on any theme. Build everything from the WordPress admin, without editing a single template file.


WooCommerce is feature rich and has amazing back-end functionality. But with this power, comes considerable complexity. Mastering the WooCommerce template system is a time-consuming task. Customizing it requires many hours of reading, coding and testing. WooCommerce Views lets you enjoy all the power, without the pain.

WooCommerce Views saves time, but costs money

Design product templates

WooCommerce’s Single Product template is a complex beast and to tame it, you’ll need to copy templates and probably get your hands dirty with a bit of PHP. WooCommerce Views allows you to fully customize your Product detail page, without wandering outside of your site admin screens.