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Release Date: Aug 3, 2019 | Toolset – Views offers a simpler process to build WordPress sites. Instead of editing the theme’s source files, Views lets you override them and replace with your designs. When you design with Views, you use simple HTML and fields. You do all your design from inside the WordPress admin and you don’t have to write any PHP.


Views – Display WordPress Content Without Programming

  • Need to display your custom post types on the front-end?
  • Want to design templates that include your custom fields?
  • Want to display content on a Google Map?
  • Interested in a powerful custom search?

If you know HTML, you can build it with Views, without writing PHP.

Things that you can do with Views

  • Add elements to the site’s homepage (or to any page you choose)
  • Display custom fields anywhere
  • Build your own widgets with custom posts and fields
  • Create powerful custom searches
  • Create custom WooCommerce sites

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