Toolset Starter Theme 1.4.2

Release Date: May 26, 2017 | Toolset Starter – A New Free Theme to Get Started with Toolset Plugins. We have just released a new theme. We named it Toolset Starter to reflect its main purpose: The theme was designed to help you get started with our Toolset plugins.


Stay with us to see its features and learn how the theme supports you in building professional sites with Toolset, easier and faster than ever!

The Idea Behind Toolset Starter

Toolset Starter is our new Bootstrap-based theme. It has everything to make your start with Toolset easy. Toolset Starter:

  • allows you to build responsive sites that look good from the very beginning
  • works well both with the Layouts plugin and without (if you use it with Layouts, no additional integration is needed)
  • enables easy further customization
  • provides a perfect base both for Toolset newbies and developers building advanced sites with Toolset.

Let’s have a closer look at the theme’s main features.

Toolset Starter Theme 1.4.2 – Features

Here are the most noteworthy features of Toolset Starter:

  • Clean Design
  • Works in Two Modes: With Layouts and Without Layouts
  • Easy Customization
  • Bootstrap based
    • Responsiveness
    • Support for MultipleColumn Layouts
  • Support for Font Awesome Icons
  • Helpful Context-Dependent Messages
  • Integration with WooCommerce Styles

Clean Design

Clean, modern, minimalistic design makes the Toolset Starter a good foundation for building different kinds of sites, including business, e-commerce, magazine-like sites, and even blogs.

We have some evidence. Take a look at how we adopted the theme for our new reference sites.

Works in Two Modes: With Layouts and Without Layouts

The Toolset Starter theme works in two modes:

  • Non-Layouts Mode – when you display the output using the Views plugin only.
  • Layouts Mode – when you design your pages using the Layouts plugin; no manual integration is required.

The theme will automatically detect if you have the Layouts plugin activated and it will provide you with the functionality relevant to the mode you have chosen. Using this theme with Layouts, you are obtaining full control of your design.

However, not all of you use the Layouts plugin and are still fans of the Views plugin. To make your lives easier, we tuned the Toolset Starter to support the non-Layouts version as well.

Here is more about these two modes in documentation.

Easy Customization

Toolset Starter uses the WordPress Customizer, which means that you can control the theme’s behavior through the Theme Customization admin screen Appearance → Customize (or directly from your WordPress upper bar).

The Customizer enables you to tweak some of the theme’s settings, such as color scheme, header and logo images, and widgets, and to see a preview of those changes in real time.

For example, you can change the colors with the Color Picker.

Bootstrap based

This theme is based on Bootstrap (3.3.0). In practise it means two big advantages for you:

  • Responsiveness working out of the box.
  • Support for multiple column layouts (grids).


Bootstrap automatically adapts your pages for various screen sizes. Your site will look good in all devices, including mobiles. No extra work is needed.

Support for MultipleColumn Layouts

With the built-in Bootstrap grid system, you can create multiplecolumns layouts. Three columns in one row, four columns in another — this is possible because of the built-in Bootstrap grid system.

Support for Font Awesome Icons

The theme comes with the support for Font Awesome out of the box. Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons. They work like fonts. This means that you can style them the same way as you style your regular text. You can easily change the color and size with a little CSS.

For example, in the My Company site—a new demo site powered by Toolset Starter—we are generating the Services (implemented as Custom Posts) using Font Awesome Icons:

To take advantage of Font Awesome Icons, all you need to know is a class name representing the desired icon. You will find it at Add the relevant class and the Toolset Starter theme will take care of the rest.

Helpful Context-Dependent Messages

Toolset Starter displays helpful context-dependent messages that will help you to create relevant Content Templates, WordPress Archives, or Layouts. Each message contains:

  • a big button that will move you to the relevant section in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • helpful links to related Toolset documentation.

More examples can be found in the documentation.

Integration with WooCommerce Styles

If you use the Starter Theme with the famous WooCommerce plugin, you don’t need to waste time to adjust the WooCommerce styles to fit your theme. With Toolset Starter, it will happen automatically. See the following example.

Easy Enough for Newbies, a Solid Base for Advanced Users

Probably the biggest thing about the Toolset Starter is its flexibility to be used both by Toolset beginning and advanced users.

  • Newbies take advantage of the Customizer, the built-in Bootstrap classes, and the View’s wizard for creating
  • Bootstrap-based columns; or they can just use Layouts
  • More advanced users can add their own styles by creating a Child Theme
  • Advanced users can benefit from uncompiled source files of Sass and Bootstrap theme’s native styles provided together with the theme