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Gravity Perks – WordPress Plugin 2.1.9

Release Date: Sep 9, 2019 | Gravity Perks – WordPress Plugin effortlessly installs and manages small functionality enhancements (aka “perks”) for Gravity Forms. Demo Gravity Perks is a platform and delivery system for the “perks”. Install Gravity Perks and then activate whichever perks make Gravity Forms more awesome for you. It’s like JetPack but specifically …

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Gravity Perks – Media Library 1.2.0

Release Date: Aug 3, 2019 | Gravity Perks – Media Library enhances Gravity Forms with the ability to automatically import uploaded files (images, documents, etc.) to the WordPress Media Library when the form is submitted. Demo Features Automatically Upload Files to Media Library A simple, one-click option on your Gravity Forms File Upload fields and …

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Gravity Perks – Limit Dates 1.0.15

Release Date: Feb 6, 2019 | Gravity Perks – Limit Dates allows you to limit the selectable dates in your Gravity Forms Datepicker fields. This plugin gives you granular control to manage the selectable date range with an easy-to-use user interface. Demo Features Minimum & Maximum Date RangeSet a minimum and maximum date range; manually, based …

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