Ninja Forms – Zoho CRM 3.0.2

Ninja Forms – Zoho CRM

Release Date: March 28, 2018 | Ninja Forms – Zoho CRM connects to your Zoho CRM account with the power and ease of Ninja Forms.

Easily integrate your Zoho CRM and convert more inquiries into sales

With Ninja Forms, you can create beautiful forms that entice visitors to contact you. By connecting your forms to your Zoho CRM, you’ll be able to monitor your best lead sources, follow up effectively with each inquiry, and convert those inquiries into more sales.


Here’s What Ninja Forms + Zoho can do for you:

  • Automatically create a new lead from your contact form.
  • Track which web page or marketing campaign generated the lead.
  • Record their interests and inquiries so you sell directly to them.

Supported modules are:

  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Potentials
  • Notes
  • Tasks

In addition to this impressive list of modules, your contacts will automatically be linked with the Account, Potential, Task, and Note. If you create a Lead, it will be linked to the Note and Task. Custom Fields you create in Zoho are also available for use.

You’ll save time and effort as each entry is automatically logged and categorized for you. Don’t let those form submissions get lost in a pile of emails – stay organized and follow up with each and every inquiry and convert them into sales.

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