JetEngine – Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor 2.1.4

JetEngine - Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor

JetEngine is the ultimate solution for managing custom post types, taxonomies and meta boxes. Use the ability to design with Elementor together with the dynamic content flexibility in one powerful solution for creating newpost types, taxonomies & custom fields without any programming experience.


JetEngine Makes it Simple to:

Add custom post types and taxonomies.

Create post type and taxonomy templates.

Display templates in lists and grid blocks.

Use unique widgets and layout customization.

Special Widgets for Dynamic Content.

Use powerful widgets made for displaying dynamic content in Elementor to create even morespectacular content.

Dynamic field.

Display the meta content or regular dynamic content from the defined source and customize its appearance using versatile style settings.

Dynamic image.

This widget is made specially for displaying dynamic featured images for the created custom post type or taxonomy templates and customizing its appearance.

Dynamic repeater.

Enjoy the power to display dynamic repeaters set for the custom post types and taxonomies using the defined source, a bit of coding and vast opportunities for customization.

Dynamic link.

It is astonishing how easy one can add links to the post or taxonomy templates to display them for any custom post or taxonomy with Dynamic Link widget.

Dynamic terms.

The best way for showcasing dynamic taxonomies added to any posts or pages when creating a template with Elementor is using Dynamic Terms widget, specifically cut for these purposes.

Dynamic meta.

Display the publication date, information about the author, the number of comments by adding Dynamic Meta widget to the template.

Stylish Layouts to Organize Content.

Choose the most suitable layout type for custom posts or taxonomies to organize dynamic content inan appealing way.

Listing grid.

Wield the power to create the dynamic listing and grid layouts for displaying custom posts and taxonomies using the set templates.

Listing masonry.

Use the stylish masonry listing layout to showcase the custom posts or taxonomies in the most appealing way and customize the columns number.

Listing justify.

Choose justify layout for the listing template to show all the custom posts and taxonomies in the artful form that can be easily customized.

Key Features of JetEngine.

Explore how JetEngine can make working with dynamic content much easier.

Perfect for creating custom post types.

Create your own post types, such as Services, Projects and Team Members with all the necessary attributes

Makes adding custom fields extra easy.

Add custom fields for different purposes as easy as 1-2-3 and display them in templates whenever there is a need.

Brings creating custom taxonomies to a new level.

Set the categories, tags or your own taxonomy types for the custom post types in order to be able to query custom post types.

Great when working with archives.

In the case you have Elementor PRO JetEngine allows to work with archive templates.

Allows to create and customize post type templates.

With a set of special widgets made for displaying dynamic content you’ll be able to create post type templates and apply them for all posts.

Invaluable asset in creating custom taxonomy templates.

Use JetEngine to create taxonomy templates with special widgets for Elementor and apply them for all the custom taxonomies.

Provides opportunity to create listing & grid layouts.

JetEngine is invaluable when it comes to creating grid and listing with dynamic content using Elementor.

Requires no programming skills.

Thanks to JetEngine being a non-developer will never stop you from working on even the most complicated projects with dynamic content.

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