JetTricks 1.2.6

Jet Tricks allows you to use different eye-catching stylish animation effects and let your content become truly alive with outstanding visual tricks! JetTricks — Introduce the Visual Effects to Your Content. Enjoy adding animation on the fly without coding skills.


Versatile Visual Effects to Liven Up Your Site

Explore stylish vizualization effects and tricks to pages

  • Parallax Effect for Content: Use Parallax effect for any content you want to make it go live on scroll or mouse move
  • Make Your Elements “Sticky”: Apply the Sticky effect and let the most important content “stick” to the screen whenever it is needed
  • Stylish “Unfolding” Columns: Let the content added into the column beautifully unfold down and appear on the page on click
  • Animated “Show More” Break: Add “Show More” widget for professional mastering the section’s visibility whenever you need to hide it from view
  • Efficient “Hotspots” at Hand: Set the animated stylish hotspot markers for

A Set of Visual Effect Tools

Start tweaking up Your content appearance with lots of tools for adding stylish visual tricks

Requires No Coding Skills

JetTricks is easy to use for everyone, providing loads of unusual classy animation without coding

Easy Customization

The plugin makes it simple to add visual effects in several clicks and to adjust them according to one’s needs

Made for Creating Flawless Design

The plugin helps in creating the unique designs for the web pages and suits for everyone

Made for Elementor

JetTricks extends the functionality of Elementor live page builder and is really easy-to-use for everyone