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Release Date: May 31, 2018 | iThemes – LoopBuddy creates & manages fully custom loops with drag & drop ease and custom queries. Unlimited loops, queries, shortcodes, and widgets!


Take control of the WordPress Loop

Get complete control over your content with LoopBuddy. Control what content is displayed, when it’s displayed and how it’s displayed. LoopBuddy overwrites the WordPress Loop using a combination of custom queries and layouts.


Create your content layout with LoopBuddy’s powerful Layout Editor. Customize your content, post-by-post, category-by-category — all with a drag-and-drop interface. Move post titles, create a custom by-line or add a featured image.


Decide what content to show with LoopBuddy’s Query Editor. Display content based on post type, author, category, taxonomy and more. Choose to display comments, allow pagination or choose a sort order and how many items to display.


Show off your content and display it anywhere. Customize individual posts, pages, category sections, post types, 404 pages, search pages and more. Use LoopBuddy shortcodes to display custom content on any post, page or public post type or use a LoopBuddy widget to display custom content in any widgetized area on your site.


  • LoopBuddy Layout Editor — The LoopBuddy Layout Editor controls the structure of the WordPress Loop with drag-and-drop post-specific tags like title and author, special tags like current date/time and custom tags
  • LoopBuddy Query Editor   LoopBuddy’s Query Editor creates Query Groups that define what data a WordPress Loop should include. Define parameters for posts/pages, categories, tags, taxonomies, post meta and time
  • Import/Export Capabilities   Import and export LoopBuddy custom layouts and queries
  • Shortcode Support  Display LoopBuddy on a post, page or custom post type
  • Widget Support  Add LoopBuddy in any widgetized area on your site
  • Advanced Customization  Layout Tags allow custom wrappers (e.g., div, h2) and custom class names for advanced customization
  • iThemes Builder 3.0 and Child Theme Support — Fully compatible with iThemes Builder and all Builder child themes

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