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HelpGuru is a Self-Service Knowledge Base WordPress Theme. Create a premium Knowledge Base or solution to allow your customers and clients to help themselves. HelpGuru has the features you need, complemented by a clean, functional and responsive design.


HelpGuru will help you to create knowledge base website in easy. Featuring a host of new features, HelpGuru comes packaged with Heroic Knowledge Base, the most powerful Knowledge Base plugin for WordPress.

  • Create a branded Knowledge Base
  • Increase customer loyalty and reduce support time
  • Enable customers to help themselves
  • Reduce support ticket volume and repetitive questions
  • Provide a community based support system and reward valuable contributors
  • Offer 24/7 access to support topics and answers
  • Allow customers to vote on article helpfulness
  • Gain SEO and brand visibility benefits from using online support
  • Benefit from the power and flexibility of a WordPress powered site

If you think it's useful, please share it: