Excel to LearnDash – Platinum Edition 4.0

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Release Date: Mar 8, 2018 | Excel to LearnDash – Platinum Edition plugin provides an easy way to create quizzes on excel spreadsheet and then import the XLSX file directly to LearnDash admin. With the plugin, you get six types of excel templates for creating and importing-single answer type quiz,assessment type, cloze type,multiple answer type , matrix and sort answer type.

If you are running courseware through LearnDash plugin, here is a custom plugin that will let you import questions / quizzes directly from Excel spreadsheet to LearnDash . This can be done

  1. Different quizzes ( in platinum version only)
  2. Text questions, five options in text, (in Gold version)
  3. Text question, five options in Image, (in Gold version)
  4. Image questions,text options (in Gold version)
  5. Image questions,answer options in images (in Gold version)
  6. Custom score (in platinum version)

Version4 of the Excel to LearnDash has very advanced benefits. Now in one quiz , seven types of quiz questions can be imported. You need to keep only one thing common in all templates – Name of Quiz.

If you think it's useful, please share it: