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Download Ajax Search Pro 4.20.3 Free. This is not a nulled nor cracked version. It's a GPL Licensed of Ajax Search Pro 4.20.3, provided for EDUCATIONAL and TESTING purpose only.

Demo Ajax Search Pro 4.20.3

Ajax Search Pro – WordPress Live Search Plugin is the best live search engine plugin for WordPress. Highly customizable, with many features and options, giving the best results possible! Download Ajax Search Pro to make your very own search engine.

Replace the WordPress search bar with a better looking, more efficient search engine. Ajax Search Pro for WordPress was designed to boost the user search experience to the maximum. It provides a live ajax search, which makes the wordpress search experience more confortable. The results are presented with images (if any found), so they look more attractive and less flat.

The search works with mobile devices, let it be Android or IOS powered. The search can override the default wordpress search results – so the ajax functionality is extended – replace your default theme search with only a click of a button. The search can return posts, custom post types (like WooCommerce products, BBPress forums, topics, replies), Categories, custom taxonomy terms (like product categories), users, buddypress gorups and buddypress activities as results.

Demo Ajax Search Pro 4.20.3

Ajax Search Pro 4.20.3 Features

The most powerful live search engine for WordPress

More than 60 colorful, fully customizable themes will save you time with the CSS hussle, so you can focus more on the presentation. The backend offers hundreds of options for those, who like to customize the search to the maximum. Many features were implemented based on customer feedbacks, and even more coming soon.

  • Many Content Types Supported
  • Frontend Search Settings
  • Layout and Themes
  • Widgets and Shortcodes
  • Image Support
  • Icons
  • Adjustable Search Logic
  • Smart Image Parsing
  • Category, Tag and Taxonomy Term Filters
  • Custom Field Filters
  • Multisite Support
  • Relevance Search and Index Table
  • Visual Composer Support
  • Compact Layout Mode
  • Keyword Suggestions and Autocomplete
  • Keyword Highlighting
  • Index Table Engine
  • Performance Tracker
  • Search Statistics
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Cache
  • Performance Traking
  • Export and Import

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Ajax Search Pro 4.20.3 Information:

  • If you think this Ajax Search Pro 4.20.3 is outdated, please leave a comment below to notice us. We will find the latest one and update it soon.
  • You can also request a theme or plugin on the comment section.
  • If the installation fails, extract the zipped file first. It usually also contains licensing, documentation, etc. Get the zip file of theme or plugin only then install it.
  • All files are already scanned with BitDefender and VirusTotal. If you are in doubt, please rescan it using VirusTotal or other antivirus software of your choice. That way you can be sure this free nulled Ajax Search Pro 4.20.3 will not harm your production site.
  • Take a minute to vote up (or down) if you like Ajax Search Pro 4.20.3 free download. The most upvoted will be likely keep updated.

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